We are family

Think of yourself as part of a family. Family members have a common heritage and history. They are grounded in the same beliefs, values, and traditions. They embrace new members of the family with a spirit of love and acceptance.


Introduce yourself to people you don’t know. Take time to smile, take time to compliment one another. Shake hands, give high fives, maybe a hug (if that's your thing). Sit down and have a conversation. Show people Jesus by recognizing the Jesus in them.


Share your time, your treasure, your talents. Be involved in the various ministries of our church. Our investment of our gifts and talents only grow our community and advance the kingdom of God here on earth.


We love seeing you! Come to Mass regularly. Receive grace in Reconciliation. Join us for ministry events, fellowship gatherings, and community events. It's all for you!


We believe wholeheartedly in the power of prayer. Jesus taught us that whatever we ask for and agree upon, He hears and will answer those prayers. Lift each other up and know we are lifting you up.