We’ve all asked questions about life, purpose and belief. Alpha is a place where we can ask questions, be heard, and grow together in community.

Alpha is the first steps of the journey of learning more about Jesus and the Church. We all come from different places and perspectives. Alpha is a place where you can grow and be heard. There's no judgment, no correction, no long-term commitment or marketing. We invite you to learn and develop relationships.

What does Alpha look like? Each Alpha consists of three parts. Click each part below to learn about them.


Offering a meal or snack is an essential part of Alpha; eating food together is great for building community. Most sessions start with food and a chance get to know each other.


After the meal, a short talk is given – either live or played as a video. The talks, which explore the big issues around faith, are designed to engage and inspire conversation.

3. Discussion

Small groups provide the opportunity to share thoughts and ideas on the topic, and to build trust and friendship. We share openly and honestly, without any criticism or judgment.

This is a great first step in returning to the Church. Maybe you haven’t been in a while. Maybe you want to receive sacraments. This is how we help you start that process.
— Adam - Alpha Leader

Alpha is for everyone:

all backgrounds, all contexts, all ages. 


After Alpha, the next step is participating in RCIA. This is how you become a Catholic.